Do you know the condition of your field?

The first step in Xtreme Turf Makeover is an assessment of your synthetic turf field’s current condition. Xtreme Turf Makeover professionals examine every aspect of your field including fiber and infill quality, the condition of the base, drainage and curbs, and the expected life for your field, compacted infill, g-max, uneven surfaces and torn seams or inlays. In-depth tests are conducted on-site and in the laboratory according to ASTM standards.

Following diagnostics, Xtreme Turf Makeover will work with your company to develop a complete turf maintenance plan to restore the condition of your field.

Why g-max testing? 

The g-max value represents the shock absorbency on a synthetic turf field, and is an important indicator of its safety. Over time the g-max value will increase due to compaction and infill loss. The higher the g-max value, the harder the playing surface—and the greater amount of impact absorbed by the athlete’s body.

A field with a high g-max can be a safety risk to the athletes and a liability to the owners. ASTM standards require that artificial sports turf remain below a certain value. A field with high g-max must undergo maintenance to restore safety levels, or face the risk of being shut down or lawsuits.

Our g-max testing is performed before and after maintenance by trusted independent testing facilities in accordance with ASTM Standards.

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